Family Guardian Support

Taking care of your loved one can be both the most fulfilling and challenging role to take on as a family member. Often, a member of the family is the best fit to serve as a Guardian and Conservator for and incapacitated individual. With all of the responsibilities these roles encompass, certain duties can prove to be overwhelming for a non-professional.

We are happy to provide the following services for family members acting as Guardians and Conservators:

  • Free Consultation - We have a comprehensive list of vendors and services that can provide families with all levels of relief, from respite care to legal services. Any member of our staff is available by phone, anytime, or for a scheduled meeting to discuss the unique needs specific to your family. We will answer any questions that you might have regarding your responsibilities to the Court and to your loved one.

  • Accountings - The Court requires all Conservators to submit Annual Accounts detailing all of a ward’s assets. This includes any income, expenses, and all transactions made on behalf of the ward. This is often a fairly complicated and lengthy process, and we understand your time can be better spent caring for your family member.

  • Reports of Guardian - The Court requires family Guardians to submit an Annual Report of Guardian detailing the status of a ward, and any changes that may have occurred in the medical condition, physical needs, or daily care of your loved one. We are happy to assist in the preparation of these documents.