About Us

Christopher Stubler, Principal, Licensed Fiduciary
Christopher Stubler is a member of the Arizona Fiduciary Association. He has been working for Stubler Fiduciary Services, formerly known as Crismon Cooper Licensed Fiducairies, since April 10, 2010, and is dedicated to quality care and support for our Wards and clients.

Crismon Cooper Love, Licensed Fiduciary
Crismon Cooper Love is an Arizona Licensed Fiduciary. She was awarded the Outstanding Fiduciary of the year for 2015 from the Arizona Fiduciary Association. Crismon graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1975 and earned a Bachelor’s in English with a Creative Writing emphasis. Before starting her career as a licensed fiduciary Crismon worked in bank management for approximately 17 years and then served as a paralegal for 10 years, in a variety of areas, including elder law and estate planning.

Samantha Hamilton, Licensed Fiduciary
Samantha Hamilton has been with Stubler Fiduciary Services since 2016. She received her license in 2020. She manages day to day operations in our office and makes sure we meet all of our deadlines.

Kiki Turnbull, Case Manager
Kiki Turnbull has been with Stubler Fiduciary Services since 2019. She has a Bachelor’s of Accounting degree from Northern Arizona University and a Master’s of Accounting degree from University of Connecticut. She is a Certified Public Accountant and has a professional background in financial auditing and education. Kiki's accounting background combined with her attention to detail makes her a fantastic asset to our team.